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Many years ago in The Land of Stars & Stripes, very big Land, surrounded with four Big Waters, such a big Land that the travelers were riding the big Steelbirds passing the distances, such a big Land that was devided to so many States as many Stars was shining from its flag,
there was a Land called The State of Kansas, with its own skycolored flag,

well known among the habitants of The Land of Stars & Stripes by its endless fields and prairies and well known by its frightening storms of wind, called by the locals "tornadoes".
The long road was leading to the Big City and actually looked as its long tail. On a left or a right side of this road, depending which direction the traveler was going, stood an mail box.

It looked just like many others around and careless traveler would never find out that following the grey road leading to the wonderful house with big entrance, surrounded with trees and meadows

could lead him to The Fairy World of