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Among the locals, "people" as they used to name themselves, who were the most numerous among the habitants , in The State of Kansas, in these old times lived also a lot of very different creatures, who are living there in a community still nowaday, only that people's hearts & minds changed with time, and are no longer able to recognise them among themselves. But the "people" still cherish them in their stories & legends, passing it from generation to generation by telling them to their own children.

These different creatures were using many magic tricks, things & habits to make their, and also people's lives easier, happier and colorful. They travelled regulary to The Land of Dreams to seek for new inventions & adventures, where they often met with surprised and scared people, who didn't really understand how they have found themselves in The Land of Dreams.

Already in these old times, people weren't able to understand the force of "tornadoes" and how to use it and the different creatures were agreeing, according to know & feel the nature of the "people" very well, it's just better so and that's why they've never passed the Knowledge to the rase of "people".