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The End

The whole adventurous story started one sunny summer afternoon, when I opened my
e-mail box. It was " T ", but not tornado, who started it all...
So I took my red shoes and flew to Kansas, to meet Aunt Joanne & Uncle Jerry
and to discover the Land of Nianguaviewers.
Putting my red shoes on, I took a couple of Nianguaviewers with:
Glinda and Kansas Tornado,
for each time I look at them to warm up a little piece of my heart,
to brighten a little piece of my brains and
to give me the courage to walk into commonness.
Once again, I borrowed the magic world of words from L. Frank Baum and made it real.
... till next time as the red shoes have wonderful powers...
all you have to do is to knock the heels together three times
and command the shoes to carry you...

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graphics & picturesİNianguaview Cattery
idea & designİThea Friskovec

Special thanks for working on most of graphics goes to Alenka Unk!